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About Us Halong Lafairy Sails

About Us Halong Lafairy Sails will introduce to valuable customers all information about Halong Lafairy Sails: our mission, our culture and our experience to organizing the best and great Halong tours on Cruises. Welcome you to Halong Lafairy Sails

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The Mission

Experience the most luxury and biggest cruise in Halong Bay, Halong Lafairy Sails is being acknowledged as the floating 4 Stars hotel on the sea. The management are committed in provide continuous training and development opportunities towards their career to the local Vietnamese crew which in return the crew provides excellent hospitality services which above our guest expectation.

In Halong Lafairy Sails, imagine the word where everything is included, where luxury is simple and all wish will be cater by a team local specialist crew, from the welcoming atmosphere to the outstanding dining venue and luxurious cabin.

 The Culture

Traditional architecture yet the modern of The Halong Lafairy Sails bring you the cultural experience of the local Vietnamese during your trip. Upon arrival, the guest will be escort and guide to the ship by the cruise manager and team of crew on a traditional costume of Vietnam. The dining venue on board brings you the taste of local Vietnamese luxury’s cuisine.

The cabins were designed by royal wooden furniture and hand made locally which symbolized as luxurious cruise.

The Experience

Guest will experience unique method of squid fishing during night time while cooking class in the evening is one of the cruise highlights. Guest will learn some local traditional dishes and a culture talk during the ceremony.

Vietnamese traditional massage brings you an ancient technique combining massage therapy and pressure point work to balance the flow of ‘chi’ through energy channel for body relaxation and rejuvenations.